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Technical Audio Devices (TAD)

TAD — Inspiring the Joy of Listening

We at Ciamara are absolutely amazed by the incredible work of Andrew Jones from TAD Labs. He not only designed the CR1s and R1s, but he also designed the very drivers themselves. These loudspeakers are exquisitely detailed and resolving, yet incredibly fun and involving to listen to. Hear things you’ve never heard before in your recordings … and enjoy it. TAD also offers reference-level electronics, including the C2000 analog preamp with digital to analog converter, or DAC (including a USB input capable of handling audio up to 24/192), the M2500, M4300 and M600 power amplifiers, the D600 SACD/CD player and reference DAC, and last but not least, the C600 reference preamplifier. TAD has long been known among the best recording engineers around the world. Now is your chance to experience music the way it is meant to be heard.

About TAD

Technical Audio Devices, more commonly known as TAD, is a separately incorporated subsidiary of Pioneer Electronics known for high-end consumer, commercial, and professional audio products. TAD produces some of the very best drivers in the world, and their loudspeakers and line of digital and analog electronics is a testament to their unparalleled accomplishments. Ciamara is proud to have partnered with TAD, and we encourage you to hear them in our Manhattan showroom. We are certain you will fall in love with TAD.

TAD — Reviews and Awards

For more information on TAD, check out the following reviews:

The Absolute Sound’s Neil Gader said of the TAD E1, M2500 and C2000, “ It’s a veritable showcase for full-spectrum dynamics. Bass response is propulsive, extended but precisely measured, with virtually no drop-offs or flat spots in the power range, which allows it to delve into the underpinnings of music’s foundation. This is the kind of system that makes every listening moment a special occasion and exemplifies what evolution in the high end should be about. (NG, 299)”

Visit the TAD Website.

Technical Audio Devices (TAD)

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