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My Audio Design (MAD) 1920S Loudspeaker (Pair)

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1920S Loudspeaker (Pair)

Item # : MAD-1920S

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Brand New In Factory Sealed Packaging

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$3,450.00 Each
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1920S Loudspeaker (Pair)

The 1920S Loudspeakers

The 1920S is the signature version of our renowned 'World Standard' 1920 monitor.

We have reconstructed the cabinet with a more advanced version of our proprietary DRC (Damping Resonance Control) and SWC technology. You can expect a sound that is smooth, open, natural, clear, detailed and unexaggerated. It all adds up to a package that is involving and coherent — like the original 1920 — but with more accuracy, clarity and even better bass.

The 1920S is a ‘small wonder’, with a big sound that outperforms any speaker of its class and price.

Advanced Technology & Craftsmanship

As well as advances in cabinet technology, the internal wiring now utilises the fastest Teflon dielectric, and our Silver Signature series 99.9997% Diamond Silver and SPL series 99.99997% cable. Needless to say, they are the best British cables ever made – see our cable reviews to find out more.

Contemporary Finish

The improvement isn't only in engineering, the 1920s now come dressed in luxurious black, white and Ferrari red in piano finishes, for a contemporary luxury. The 1920S is more than a 'World Standard', it’s an 'Object of Desire'.

No other company designs and builds speakers like MAD.

Like all of our other models, the 1920S was developed by a distinguished group of British musicians and engineers.

Product Details
Brand My Audio Design (MAD)
Condition Notes Brand New In Factory Sealed Packaging
Height (In) 11
Width (In) 7.5
Length/Depth (In) 9
Weight (Kg) 16
Height (mm) 280
Width (mm) 190
Length/Depth (mm) 230
  • LF 145 mm MAD SDC ultra precision mid/bass driver
  • Neodymium supersonic tweeter
  • Point-to-point wired crossover with silver solder
  • Internally wired with 99.9997% MAD SPL Series super pure litz copper conductors
  • Tweeter wired with 99.997% diamond silver conductor
  • DRC cabinet technology
  • Available in Cherry and Walnut veneer
  • Hand built in England with love
  • MAD Diamond silver capacitor
  • Velvet damper minimises diffraction effects
  • Suitable for high end two channel and home cinema use
  • Suitable for recording studio use
  • Drivers:

  • HF 22 mm neodynium supersonic tweeter
  • LF 145 mm MAD SDC ultra precision mid/bass driver

  • Frequency Response:

  • 55 Hz-40 kHz

  • Crossover Frequency:

  • 2000 Hz

  • Sensitivity:

  • 90dB@1w@1 metre

  • Dimensions:

  • 280 x 190 x 230 mm
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