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N1A - silver

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N1A Music Server

Item # : MEL-N1A

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DISCONTINUED. Replaced by N1A/2

N1A Music Server

"The Melco buffaloed my MacBook Pro + Synology NAS. It destroyed them, embarrassed them, and gave them a good schooling to boot. Music sounded frighteningly obviously comparatively more refined, more spacious, and more natural. End of story. I cannot imagine anyone in this universe who listens to music as an activity unto itself making the same comparison and not hearing the difference." - Michael Lavorgna (

Streaming. Solved.

Nothing is hotter than streaming audio. It promises instant access to your entire collection of music at the touch of button. Unfortunately, streaming audio also comes with the configuration of a home network and associated equipment. Almost every bug or quirk associated with streaming audio relates back to the dreaded network... So, what is an audiophile to do? With purpose-built Melco servers, we finally have a plug-n-play music storage device that requires no network configuration or computer. It plugs directly into your streamer or USB DAC, and provides 4TB of storage with UPnP operability. Simple, elegant and high performance

Melco - Network Configuration for Streamer


Melco setup for streamer


  • Dedicated LAN port for Player (Streamer) connectivity - optimum data integrity and simple setup.
  • Light-piped Ethernet ports - complete electrical isolation totally removing possibility of interference and noise.
  • LAN LED off function - ensures the highest possible data integrity.
  • Separated power supply circuitry for LAN ports - isolates the LAN function from all electrical disturbances
  • Double power supplies - separate power functions for LAN and USB / HDD / System management (*N1Z only)
  • Audio-grade ultra-low jitter data clock - eliminates any possibility of data jitter at source
  • Original Audio grade SSD storage stable data, consistent performance, silent, and zero mechanical influence and vibration (*N1Z only)  (Made by Buffalo Memory Co., Ltd)
  • Melco - Audiophile Engineering

  • High grade power supplies with audiophile grade components. N1A - 60W x 1
  • Dual high grade power supplies. N1Z – 30W x2, separate supplies for external data interfaces means no pollution of sensitive internal data and clock supplies.
  • Audiophile grade capacitor bank for absolute stable supplies (*N1Z only)
  • Solid Aluminum front fascia (N1Z) rigid metal chassis.
  • High stability noise eliminating H cross-frame construction for mechanical integrity (N1Z)
  • Specialist audio isolators (Japanese TAOC brand) 
  • Melco - Simplified Installation and Operation

  • No PC required for setup and installation - no specialist knowledge needed.
  • Specific IP port for Streamer / Player with additional Network port for Control and Ethernet. Simply creates robust network for streaming high resolution music and control even on complex networks.
  • Pre-installed media server - no configuration required.
  • Supports multiple specialized media servers - currently shipping with Twonky 7 with DSD support.
  • Informative OLED front panel display - displays current streaming track data, system status, and setup.
  • Simple menu navigation structure and track selection
  • Simple front panel on-off switch - just like Hi-Fi.
  • 15 seconds only to full power-on.
  • 5 seconds to full shut-down
  • Safe against unintended power down - no requirement for UPS
  • Melco - Network Configuration for USB DAC


    Melco setup for USB DAC


  • The Local USB-DAC can be used in the same manner as the Network Player. The Local USB-DAC player is simply controlled from a UPnP Control App on a Smartphone or Tablet on the network. The App discovers the N1 - DAC as a Digital Media Renderer or Player on the Network as soon as a DAC is connected to the N1.
  • The N1 is connected to various Hi-Fi USB-DAC using a standard USB lead.   >Link to compatibility list
  • The N1 Local USB-DAC Player supports PCM up to 384 kHz / 32 bit, and DSD up to 5.6 MHz double DSD.
  • Automatic sample rate adjustment to match the capabilities of the connected DAC - e.g. 192 kHz is automatically downsampled to play on a 96 kHz capable DAC.
  • Automatic conversion of DSD to 24 bit PCM for USB DAC that does not support DSD. (Manual setting in the Menu
  • The Playlist can be stored either on N1 (Mode 1) to allow the playlist to be maintained even if the App is out of contact,or the Playlist is stored on the App (Mode 2) when the App requires it. Please see compatibility chart.
  • The Melco Local USB-DAC player can be easily controlled by your favorite UPnP control Point (App).
  • The Melco Local USB-DAC player will play Music stored on open shares on the Network in addition to music stored on the Melco.
  • The gapless playback is supported from FW Ver 2.10.(WAV FLAC AIFF ALAC)
  • Product Details
    Brand Melco
    Condition Notes

    DISCONTINUED. Replaced by N1A/2

    Weight (lb) 15.5000
    Height (In) 2.8
    Width (In) 17.2
    Length/Depth (In) 13.9
    Plug-n-play audiophile music server
  • designed for high quality audio without 

    compromising functionality
  • 4 TB capacity ( 2 x 2 TB 3 . 5 ” H D D )
  • ethernet and automatically configures, or direct
  • connection to DAC via USB, no computer required
  • connection to streamer via Ethernet
  • attached devices via independent ethernet ‣supportsup to 32bit/384KHzPCM & 5.6MHzdouble rate DSD, when supported by DAC/streamer
  • transformer isolated ethernet ports
  • Isolates steamer/DAC from network noise
  • separate power supply circuit for ethernet
  • audio-grade ultra low jitter data clock
  • external expansion and backup via USB
  • weight: 15.5 lb. (7Kg.)
  • dimensions(including feet):17.2” (436mm) W x 13.9” (352mm) D x 2.8” (70mm) H
  • available in silver and black
  • Initial Setup


    How to Archive Your CD Collection


    How to Set File Format for Archiving your CD Collection


    How to Import Your Existing Digital Music Collection Onto Your Melco


    How to Download HiRes Audio Files Onto Your Melco

    How To Backup Your Existing Music Collection

    How To Restore Your Digital Music Collection from a Backup

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