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KEF KHT3005SE Home Theatre System

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KHT3005SE Home Theatre System

Item # : KEF-KHT3005SE

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Passive Products: 5 Year Warranty | Electronic Products: 1 Year Warranty

KHT3005SE Home Theatre System

Clearly an evolution of the award winning 3000 Series, the new KHT3005SE is the latest version of the iconic ‘egg’ home theatre system, updated to provide an even stronger audio performance with improved clarity and detail yet maintaining the beauty and style that helped make its predecessor a reviewer’s favourite.

The revolutionary Uni-Q driver of the satellite and centre speaker has been enhanced by the addition of the ingenious ‘Tangerine’ waveguide, for improved sensitivity and sound dispersion and have been comprehensively engineered for an even cleaner, smoother response.The cast aluminium enclosures are shaped to minimise internal resonance with KEF’s Sealed Suspension Technology - SSTTM (patent applied for) dramatically improves sound quality and at higher volumes filling the room with incredibly detailed 3D sound.

Carrying up to 60% of the sound, the centre channel is vital in any home theatre system, and the dedicated centre speaker is in a class of its own providing an amazingly clear dialogue in perfect timbre with the satellite speakers.

Product Details
Brand KEF
Condition Notes

Sales restrictions may apply. Please contact us for more information.

Warranty Passive Products: 5 Year Warranty | Electronic Products: 1 Year Warranty
Height (In) 9.6 / 5.1
Width (In) 4.9 / 11.8
Length/Depth (In) 5.9 / 7.3
Weight (Kg) Satellite - 2.0, Centre - 2.6
Height (mm) 245 / 30
Width (mm) 125 / 300
Length/Depth (mm) 150 / 185


KHT3005SE is an extremely high performance, yet room-friendly, home theatre system which raises both the design and performance benchmarks in the category of elegant home theatre speaker packages.


The specially shaped curved aluminium enclosures make for an acoustically ideal housing. Simply put, the KHT3005SE satellites sound much better than traditional rectangular loudspeakers. The addition of the ’tangerine’ waveguide to the Uni-Q® array increases the sensitivity of the upper HF creating better sound dispersion. The adjustment of the satellites’ tweeter for better clarity and integration has resulted in producing a more rich and sensationally detailed sound quality. KEF’s ’sit anywhere’ Uni-Q technology disperses sound around the room so well that you can ’sit anywhere’ to enjoy the optimum surround experience. The radical new ’sealed suspension technology™’ incorporated in the speaker driver makes for cleaner, smoother response: the satellites can play astonishingly loud, without sounding unpleasant. The distinctive ribs visible on the speaker cone improve rigidity. This makes for a clean, natural and dynamic sound. Removable magnetic grilles. Satellites are available in pair packs or as part of the KHT3005SE 5.1 system consisting of 4 satellites, a centre speaker and a subwoofer.


Carrying up to 60% of the sound, the centre channel is vital in any home theatre system, and the new dedicated centre speaker, HTC3005SE, is in a class of its own. This is why our engineers have made it bigger than the HTS3005SE satellites. Increased power handling for extra "slam" and superior dialogue reproduction. Twin 75mm (3in.) bass drivers give the necessary frontal impact; all important when watching a movie. 'Sit anywhere’ Uni-Q technology assures perfect timbre matching to the HTS3005SE satellites. Furthermore, sound definition still remains crystal clear, even when not sitting immediately in front of, or not listening at the same height as the loudspeaker position. Crossover has been engineered to balance and match the satellites crossover resulting in a more detailed, balanced and brighter sound. Centre speakers are available individually or as part of the KHT3005SE 5.1 system.


So gorgeous: HTB2SE is the first subwoofer at this price level that you will want to show off!
Ultra-reliable high efficiency 250W Class-D amplifier. Plays very loud and clean all day long, if necessary. The 250mm (10in.) driver with matching passive bass radiator configuration ensures that the surprisingly small enclosure reaches down to give astonishingly deep bass, and can deliver both awesome movie effects and subtle musicality, as needed. Depending on your space requirement or your visual preference, flexible positioning means vertical or horizontal orientation is possible. The acoustically inert enclosure is shaped to eliminate internal standing waves. SmartBass™  ’connect and go’ feature for simplicity of set up. Our engineers have carefully designed HTB2SE to be as simple and practical as possible; just connect it to the mains and your AV receiver to be assured of optimum performance without the hassle of "tweaking". HTB2SE is available individually or as part of the KHT3005SE.

Model KHT3005SE
Design Satellite - Two-Way Bass reflex, Centre - Three-Way Closed box
Drive Units Satellite - 115mm (4.5in.) Uni-Q array with 19mm (0.75in.) aluminium HF, Centre - 115mm (4.5in.) Uni-Q array with 19mm (0.75in.) aluminium HF, 2 x 75mm (3in.) LF
Crossover Frequencies Satellite - 2.2kHz, Centre - 500Hz, 2.2kHz
Sensitivity (2.83V/1m) Satellite - 88dB, Centre - 90dB
Frequency Response (+/-3dB) Satellite - 70Hz - 55kHz, Centre - 65Hz - 55kHz
Maximum Output Satellite - 108dB, Centre - 110dB
Input Impedance 8 Ohms
Magnetic Shielding Yes
Internal Volume Satellite - 1.8litres, Centre - 2.4litres
Power Handling 100W
Weight Satellite - 2.0kg (4.5lbs), Centre - 2.6kg (5.8lbs)
(H x W x D)
Satellite - 245 x 125 x 150 mm (9.6 x 4.9 x 5.9 in.), Centre - 130 x 300 x 185 mm (5.1 x 11.8 x 7.3 in.)
Finishes High gloss black, High gloss silver
Aluminium dome tweeter with ‘tangerine’ waveguide

The unique ‘tangerine’ waveguide delivers a smoother, clearer high frequency response with an even wider dispersion as well as providing an excellent protection from straying fingers.


KEF’s patented ’sit anywhere’ Uni-Q driver places the tweeter in the acoustic centre of the bass/midrange cone (woofer). This allows both woofer and tweeter to act as a single, focused source of sound that is dispersed widely and evenly throughout the room. The practical benefit is that great sound can be experienced from anywhere in the listening environment removing the "sweet spot" effect.

Sealed Suspension Technology (SST)

A patented KEF technology that effectively seals the gap between a moving mid-range cone and tweeter, which has the effect of dramatically improving sound quality, particularly at higher volumes.

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