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EMM Labs Switchman MKII Switching Control Center

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Switchman MKII Switching Control Center


Brand New In Factory Sealed Packaging

Switchman MKII Switching Control Center

Professional 6-channel 4-to-1 Switching Control Center for multi-channel audio monitoring applications

The idea of the Switchman was born, as so many of the best concepts are, of necessity. Tom Jung tells the story in Pro Audio Review:

"It all started about three years ago when Philips and Sony were getting ready to demonstrate Direct Stream Digital at the hi-end Stereophile show in LA. The demo was to include both stereo and surround recordings coming from as many as four different sources. How were all of these inputs to be switched and controlled while remembering level and inter-channel balance? Oh, and by the way it has to sound completely transparent as well. There were no super high quality analog preamps or controllers on the market that could accurately control the level of six channels much less inter-channel balance.

Ed Meitner to the rescue, within a matter of a few weeks Ed had designed and built what he thought would be a one off for this show. The first unit performed perfectly and both Sony and Philips placed orders with Ed for more Switchmen, since this type of device was sorely needed and Ed had the only real solution."

The Switchman MK II is a control center consisting of a main unit, which features four sets of 6-channel inputs, and a wired remote that draws its power from the main unit.

All user controls and displays are located on the remote, allowing the main unit to be placed near the input or output devices. The Switchman controls all audio levels and trims with a digitally controlled analog circuit-- making it possible to store not only master gain, but individual channel trims as well.

Two Volume Control Profiles are available. Profile 0, the factory default, gives you .5dB steps from a maximum of 110 down to 10, reducing the gain by 50dB. Profile One gives you .25dB steps from a maximum of 110 down to 30, giving you 20dB of total attenuation.

Six templates are available and come in very handy indeed for storing the master volume setting, plus trim levels and mute status for each channel.

Great features, but how does it sound? Tom Jung summarizes it nicely in Pro Audio review:

"It doesn't, sound that is. What you put in you get out, with a predetermined amount of attenuation or gain. Over the years I have searched for a monitor controller that doesn't add to or take anything away from the sound, even passive devices don't sound as transparent, the Switchman is totally unique in this respect."

Product Details
Brand EMM Labs
Condition Notes Brand New In Factory Sealed Packaging
Weight (lb) 6.0000
Weight (Kg) 3

The signal path is made of six electrically identical channels:

  • Maximum gain (balanced IN to balanced OUT) 9dB
  • Gain control range better than 62dB
  • Max. output level 26dBu
  • Max. input level 22dBu
  • S/N (Uout = 2V RMS, A-weighted) greater than 110dB
  • THD (Uout = 2V RMS) less than 0.01 %25
  • Crosstalk better than -80dB
  • EMM contactless software-based analog volume control
  • Individual level trim and mute functions on all channels and all inputs
  • Templates store the system set-up data
  • Built-in MIDI interface
  • All input connectors located on front panel of main unit
  • All output connectors, MIDI and remote unit connectors located on back panel
  • User-switchable operating voltage 115/230V, 50/60Hz

  • 4 sets of 6-channel inputs:

  • 2 sets of balanced/unbalanced switchable (XLR)
  • 1 set balanced (XLR) switchable to unbalanced (RCA)
  • 1 set unbalanced RCA

  • 2 sets of 6 channel outputs:

  • 1 set balanced (XLR)
  • 1 set unbalanced (RCA)
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