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EMM Labs ADC8 MKIV 8 Channel A/D and D/D Converter

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ADC8 MKIV 8 Channel A/D and D/D Converter

Item # : EMM-ADC8

Brand New In Factory Sealed Packaging

5 Year Limited Warranty

ADC8 MKIV 8 Channel A/D and D/D Converter

Professional 8-channel Analog-to-Digital and Digital-to-Digital converter for DSD (up to 128Fs/5.6MHz) and PCM (up to 24-bit/96kHz) formats.

The ADC8 MKIV is more than a mere converter. It's eight channels of the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Employing EMM Labs proprietary True Internal DSD Processing technology for analog-to-digital, and digital-to-digital conversion, the ADC8 MKIV delivers the most accurate, highest resolution recordings possible in both DSD and PCM formats.

A bold claim? Absolutely. Fortunately, you don't have to take our word for it. Here's what some of our customers say about the ADC8 MKIV:

"Ed's converter was the first DSD converter that was superior to anything I had ever heard. It is not an overstatement to say that Ed's analog to digital and digital to analog DSD converters have set a new standard of sound quality for digital audio. It turns out they are great PCM converters as well."

Bob Ludwig
Gateway Mastering Studios

"The sonic purity and transparency of the Meitner converters have been key in Telarc's success in using DSD technology to make the best sounding SACD's that can be produced. All of Telarc's pure DSD/SACD titles have been made using Meitner converters."

Bob Woods
President and Recording Engineer
Telarc International Corporation
Product Details
Brand EMM Labs
Condition Notes Brand New In Factory Sealed Packaging
Warranty 5 Year Limited Warranty
Weight (lb) 27.0000
Weight (Kg) 12

Future Proof

The ADC8 MKIV (along with the DAC8 MKIV) is the first converter to be equipped with 128Fs/5.6448Mhz processors. This allows the ADC8 to support both current (64Fs/2.8224MHz) and future (128Fs/5.6448Mhz) DSD production formats.

D/D Converter

The ADC8 MKIV converts 8 channels of analog audio to 8 channels of DSD and PCM digital audio simultaneously. It also acts as a digital audio format converter, converting 8 channels of DSD to 8 channels of PCM

Key Features:

  • Balanced analog inputs on 8 XLR connectors
  • Analog input levels adjustable from +14dbm to +24dbm
  • Analog input clip indicators
  • Word clock input and output (BNC and ST optical)
  • Power factor corrected power supply with universal voltage input 85-260V, 50/60Hz


Digital input formats:

  • SDIF-3 / RAW DSD for DSD
  • ST Optical for DSD



  • From analog to DSD (64Fs or 128Fs)
  • From analog to PCM (up to 24-bit/96kHz)
  • From DSD to PCM
  • From DSD (BNC) to DSD (Optical)
  • From DSD (Optical) to DSD (BNC)


Digital output formats:

  • SDIF-3 / RAW DSD for DSD
  • ST Optical for DSD
  • AES/EBU on 4 XLR connectors (stereo pairs) for PCM – 24/16 bit: 44.1 / 48 / 88.2 / 96kHz
  • SDIF-2 (BNC connectors) for PCM
  • DSD on BNC connectors and/or optical ST connectors

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