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Accuphase DC-37 MDSD Digital Processor

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AURALiC Aries G1 Wireless Streaming Transporter

The Aries G1 combines the DNA of the classic Aries with the features, performance and looks of AURALiC's latest engineering. Wireless streaming, AURALiC's Lightning app, Airplay compatibility, Spotify Connect, Tidal and Quobuz. You will absolutely be able to get the most out of the most popular streaming services. Of course you can stream up to DSD 512 (DoP and Native) wirelessly through the Aries G1 as well.

AURALiC Vega Digital Audio Processor / USB DAC

"The $3,500 Auralic Vega digital to analog converter is quite possibly the best DAC I've heard at this price." - Chris Connaker, The Computer Audiophile

Berkeley Alpha DAC Reference Series 2 MQA

Berkeley Audio Design's Alpha DAC Reference Series 2 MQA’s is unmatched in its time domain resolution, low noise digital processing and highly accurate analog circuitry combine to reveal the amazing potential of MQA encoded audio. The Alpha DAC Reference Series 2 MQA replaces the Alpha DAC Reference Series 2 which will no longer be produced. In addition to providing MQA Rendering at an unmatched level of audio quality, the Alpha DAC Reference Series 2 MQA features significantly improved audio quality with standard PCM, non-MQA recordings.

Berkeley Alpha DAC Series 2 MQA

The Alpha DAC Series 2 MQA with Version 3 Firmware!

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