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Power Conditioners: An important and Often Overlooked Component

Power conditioning can be a mysterious, complicated and difficult to understand process. In simple terms, a power conditioner is a device that takes electricity from a wall outlet and distributes clean power to the components that are plugged into it. Anything and everything audio/visual related can benefit from the usage of a power conditioner. This is because AC current that flows through outlets contains dirty, noisy power that is further degraded from devices such as computers, televisions, routers or home audio equipment feeding additional noise back into the line. This unclean current is equivalent of putting bad gas in your car and will keep your sensitive components from performing at their very best. In extreme circumstances, bad power can even damage and destroy electronic devices.

There are several ways to clean this dirty power, but the majority of power conditioners work by taking current from the wall and sending it through various stages in order to filter out the noise and create a cleaner current. Once the power is cleaned, it is then distributed to the various components and devices that are plugged into it. Since these sensitive components are now receiving cleaner power, these devices now operate more efficiently and effectively. This means that televisions will have a clearer picture and audio systems produce clearer, higher quality sound that is often perceived as louder. Like any other component in your system, there are a wide range or power conditioner types at varying performance levels. Power conditioners range from a very simple power strip to a larger component that is designed for specific applications within an A/V system. To truly get the best performance out of your A/V system, a high quality power conditioner/distributor is an absolutely essential component for maximizing the performance of each individual component in your system.Just about any and all A/V components can benefit from power a distributor/conditioner. The importance of this essential component cannot be overstated. A high quality power conditioner is equally important as any of the components that it’s powering, as it directly affects the performance and lifespan of whatever is plugged into it.

Finding the right components to fit your system and situation can be confusing and even somewhat daunting- we get that. This is precisely why there is always an expert at ready to answer any and all questions you may have. 

Power Conditioners