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Ayre Acoustics KX-5 Twenty Preamplifier (Silver)

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KX-5 Twenty Preamplifier (Silver)

Item # : AYR-KX-520-S

Sales restrictions may apply. Please contact us for more information.

5 Year Warranty with Product Registration

KX-5 Twenty Preamplifier (Silver)
Arguably the most important component in your system, the KX-5 Twenty delivers all of the performance and flexibility you have come to expect from an Ayre product. Following in the legendary footsteps of the KX-R Twenty preamplifier, the Ayre KX-5 Twenty lives up to the challenge with dynamics powered by our newly revised Diamond output stage and a finesse achieved by eliminating the traditional attenuating volume control with our 46 position Variable Gain Transimpedance (VGT) amplification circuit.

Twenty Series Updates

  • AyreLock power supply - All power supply regulators, whether 3-pin ICs using massive amounts of feedback or the discrete zero-feedback designs Ayre has always used in every product ever since the V-3, twenty-one years ago, have at their heart a single series-pass active element (tube, FET, or BJT).

    When the load (audio circuit) draws more current, the pass element decreases its resistance (turns on harder), to keep the voltage to the load constant.

  • For the AyreLock in the Twenty update, Ayre added a second circuit element (in Ayre's case a BJT) that also pulls down. So when the load (audiocircuit) draw less current, the second transistor draws additional current to ground.

    The analogy is like going from a single-ended output stage in a power amp to a push-pull complementary output stage. This "locks" the output voltage of the regulator, regardless of any fluctuations in the load.

  • Improved Diamond output stage - The Diamond output stage as you know is an incredible output stage, one of the best sounding design available. But, it produces a high level of heat in an amplifier design. We designed the Double Diamond output stage to solve the heat issue and we successfully reduced the operating temperature by 35%, keeping it below human body temperature. The new circuit design is a little more powerful than the previous version and has amazing power and control in the lower frequencies.

  • Servo controlled DC offset - Ayre has replaced the trimpots that they used in the original KX-5 and AX-5 with a much better sounding servo control. This servo no only improves the sound of the unit, but it also keeps the DC offset to less than 15 mv. It will even be able to compensate for incoming DC from a source component (up to a certain level).

  • Product Details
    Brand Ayre Acoustics
    Condition Notes

    Sales restrictions may apply. Please contact us for more information.

    Warranty 5 Year Warranty with Product Registration
    Weight (lb) 23.0000
    Height (In) 3.8
    Width (In) 17.3
    Length/Depth (In) 13.3
    Weight (Kg) 10.5
    Height (mm) 95.3
    Width (mm) 438.2
    Length/Depth (mm) 336.6
  • Ayre’s Diamond output stage
  • Variable Gain Transimpedance (VGT) volume circuit
  • Ayre’s exclusive Equilock circuit
  • 46 step volume control, each of 1.5 dB
  • Linear analog power supply
  • Zero-feedback, fully-balanced discrete circuitry
  • High-speed circuit board material
  • Input ground switching for true source isolation
  • Six inputs: four balanced, two single-ended
  • Ayre Conditioner power line RFI filter
  • AyreLink communication system
  • Maximum Input Level

    8 V rms – unbalanced inputs
    16 V rms – balanced inputs


    Gain Variable to match the required output level of the system without the need for attenuation.

    Input Impedance

    1 MΩ unbalanced inputs
    2 MΩ balanced inputs (1 MΩ per phase)

    XLR Input Polarity

    Pin 1 = Ground
    Pin 2 = Non-inverting (Positive)
    Pin 3 = Inverting (Negative)
    Frequency Response
    DC - 250 kHz

    Power Consumption

    40 watts in operating mode
    60 watts in operating mode (volume control active)


    17.25" W x 13.25" D x 3.75" H
    (44cm x 34cm x 10cm)


    23 pounds (10.5 kg)

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