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About Ciamara


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Ciamara Corp - Manhattan, NY

Ciamara was founded in Manhattan, NY, by sound artists with in-depth, real-world experience in creating perfect sound from the recording studio direct into the personal listening space. A small, yet diverse, group of true experts manages every detail of the Ciamara experience. Our mission, philosophy, belief and knowledge all converge in our unshakeable conviction that great sound can only be created by combining the highest expertise, and the most sincere passion, into a sound worthy of being shared with the whole world.

Even though we operate online, we sacrifice none of the personalized service of a local stereo shop. We deliver the tailored advice and service of the best local shops, but with a dynamic, interactive experience that is only possible on the Web.  With our global view of the industry, we are able to offer advice and industry intelligence.  This translates into an experience that inspires knowledge and confidence for every product and system we sell.

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